At Aberrant Design, we seek to provide solutions to all your web site design needs.  We strive to produce a product that exceeds your expectations.  Our aim is to create a web site that combines form and function, but more importantly, a site that becomes a vital ingredient to your business success.

Through an interview process, we learn about our clients' business from the inside, out.  In this way, we work with our clients to determine their product or service's target audience. 

Once an audience is determined, we address the scope of the web site.  Scope factors can include such things as the actual size of the web site measured in pages, desired graphics and colors, layout and any technical concerns or needs.  Many of these factors directly relate to the target audience.  Budget concerns and timelines are also discussed at this point. With this knowledge, an outline of the web site begins to materialize.

The next phase is the initial drafting of the site's design.  We provide our clients with an online draft of the web site.  In most cases this draft will simply be a large image of the site, with no functionality.  Once a draft is approved and all client supplied materials (text, graphics, etc.) are attained, implementation of the site begins.

Using a vast array of tools and techniques, we then craft a functioning web site that is appealing to the client as well as the target audience.  Even after completion of the site, we continue to work with the client to ensure proper search engine placement.

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